V.-Balogh K, M Présing, L Hiripi et al.: Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios ... (1998)

V.-Balogh K, Présing M, Hiripi L, Vörös L
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios of dissolved humic substances in a shallow reservoir covered by macrophytes
International Review of Hydrobiology 83(Spec. iss.): pp. 203-206.
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The aim of the present work was to characterize dissolved humic substances by stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios comparing with the isotopic composition of sediment and macrophytes. Water, sediment (rich in plant debris) and macrophyte samples were collected from lower Kis-Balaton pollution control reservoir, built on main tributary - River Zala - of Lake Balaton. Humic substances fulvic and humic acids - were isolated by Amberlite(R) XAD-7 resin. Delta N-15 and delta C-13 isotope ratios of lyophilized fulvic and humic acids, sediment and plant materials were determined. The isotopic ratios found in the humic substances approximate those of the sediment and the emerged macrophytes.