Présing M, V.-Balogh K, Salánki J: Cadmium uptake and depuration ... (1993)

Présing M, V.-Balogh K, Salánki J
Cadmium uptake and depuration in different organs of Lymnaea stagnalis L. and the effect of cadmium on the natural zinc level
Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 24(1): pp. 28-34.
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The uptake of cadmium (0.1 mg/L) into various organs of the pond snailLymnaea stagnalis L., the depuration of accumulated Cd, and the change in the natural Zn level under the influence of Cd treatment were investigated during a 2 month period. The snails were fed with lettuce (Latuca sativa). The concentrations of Cd were measured in the whole soft body, various organs (liver, viscera, foot), the shell and the lettuce; and zinc concentrations were measured in various organs and the lettuce. As its Cd concentration remained at 10 μg/g, which was much lower than the initial value for the soft body (69.4±5.71 μg/g), the shell, according to our results, is incapable of accumulating Cd. The uptake pattern of the soft body showed a correlation with the initial Cd levels depending on differences in the Cd concentration of the lettuce. At the higher initial value (69.4±5.71 μg/g) the linear Cd uptake began later then it did at the lower initial value; afterwards the snail was saturated with Cd. In the case of the lower, 9.02±1.3 μg/g initial concentration, a rapid linear Cd uptake occurred till the 7th day, then the intensity of the uptake decreased. Saturation occurred at 200 μg/g Cd concentration, regardless of the initial value. At the lower initial tissue level, the foot and the viscera showed a linear uptake pattern, while the liver, which has the greatest accumulation ability, displayed a logarithmic uptake pattern. The initial and the final Cd concentrations in the foot, viscera, and liver of theL. stagnalis were as follows: 10.3±2.15−60.1±7.13, 5.15±1.04−156±27.2, 14.1±3.09−430±23.3 μg/g respectively. The bioconcentration factors (CF) were in the 102 (foot) and 103 (viscera, liver, soft body) orders of magnitude. Forty to 45% of the accumulated Cd was depurated in Cd-free tap water; during the first three days of the uptake period, a negative linear correlation was found between Cd and Zn levels in the snail organs.