Visit the Institute in Tihany

Group visits all year round 

The institute provides opportunities for professional, civic and student groups to visit all year round. Biologists lead the visitors who can view the history of the institute and academic research activities through our short film, listen to a lecture about a specific research area and freely engage with the lead researcher. Moreover, we can show you around our aquarium room and provide a demonstration on the shore of the lake about the typical the flora and fauna present.


  1. Movie about the institute, consultation with a biologist,
    presentation - 1 hour

  2. Movie about the institute, consultation with a biologist,
    presentation + flora and fauna demo - 2 hours 



Presentation (1 hr)

Presentation+ Demo (2 hrs)

MTA members, academic institutions, academic staff committees




15.000 Ft +tax

25.000 Ft +tax

External experts, NGOs, and foreign groups interested

30.000 Ft +tax

50.000 Ft +tax

For more information please contact us:
Tel: 87/448-244, ext. 104